Areas of impact

A generation of knowledgeable and confident young Muslims that will contribute positively to their communities and the wider society.

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Young people need our support and mentorship. We aim to help them not only with their academics, but also with their personal growth and development. This includes guiding them in discovering their unique passions and exploring education and career options that are in line with their strengths and interests.



Sports teach us cooperation and work ethic. They are a fantastic way to relieve stress and stay fit. For millions of young people around the world, sports are a lifesaver, a healthy alternative to destructive habits.



The biggest atrocity of the 21st Century is not war or hunger. It’s that millions of people all around the world are fed lies, daily. Propaganda creates chaos and confusion, and inevitably leads to conflict. We are taught to hate and fear, not to seek deeper understanding. We can’t have peace until we have justice, and we can’t have justice until we have truth.

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The modern education system is deficient in multiple significant areas. Among them, basic exposure to other peoples, languages, cultures, philosophies and religions. We are instead encouraged to avoid discussions of religion and politics, but how are we then supposed to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us?



An Islamic lifestyle revolves around selflessly serving others. We strive to inspire the next generation to be more conscientious and compassionate, in the hopes that they will lead initiatives to tackle the issues that plague our society.

Time for change

Partnering with Hedayah Institute, we will be working to educate the muslims and ensure their growth. 

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Young with character

Their brain is a sponge. Let’s teach them the best qualities, give them the best of friends, and equip them with the right tools to take on the world. myouthx is dedicated to making this happen. 

Location is everything

We focus on local communities in order to make the greatest impact on our youth.This will create generations of young muslims who will lead by example and make change in the world. 

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