About mYouthX

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn what we’re all about.

Our story

MuslimYouthX (mYX) is a nonprofit organization striving to educate and empower young Muslims. It all started with the realization that their is a huge need in young muslim communities around the globe. Our youth need role models and a family to always fall back on and follow their example. They need inspirations teachers who help them to be well rounded in all subjects. 

That is where MuslimYouth comes in. We have an incredible team of talented muslims throughout Houston who share the same vision as we do.  We all want to ensure our youth are on the right path and will aspire to do great things in their life. That is why our specific focus is on 5 things:  guidance, athletics,  media, education, and service.